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Gloryosa our technology

Connectivity worldwide and Scalability

Our application is set up to connect parents, daycare employees and managers everywhere and to allow them to do this anywhere they want. All functions are available online and the only thing that needed for the user is a web browser or mobile device. Due to it's scalable setup Gloryosa is easy to scale.

We develop several clients that are intended for use by certain parties/users. In this way every user has an optimal user experience.

The back-end is setup so that it can service different clients and is easy to extend and maintain.

We achieve this by using some of the most advanced technologies available:

Jave Entertprise:


We use Java and Gwt for developing Gloryosa. The application is setup to be deployed in a scalable way on Wildfly servers. This can be one or multiple nodes on which the back end services are running. We use Postgres as our database which is accessed through a JPA entity framework. This allows us to port easily to other databases if this becomes necessary.

Ultimate Web Performance & Scalability

Connectivity, responsiveness and the ability to scale are of the utmost importance for modern web applications. To meet these demands we use Wildfly which has the ability to scale to over a million connections, and third party benchmarks have shown it besting the competition when it comes to throughput.

Google Web Toolkit:

GWT is used by many products at Google, including Google AdWords and Google Wallet. It's open source, completely free, and used by thousands of enthusiastic developers around the world.

We use GWT for developing the front end. This technology not only results in fast Html 5 dynamic web application but also allows us to maintain the code more easily and with more quality than possible with most javascript frameworks. Certain logic can be shared without effort between the front end and back end.

We develop all user interface widgets ourselves because we need to be flexible in responding to wishes from our customers.

We also contribute to the development community by making some of the libraries we maintain available under Apache licence on bitbucket.

The deployment diagram gives an overview on how we deploy the application on the jboss machines. We use apache as load balancer and direct users to a wildfly server behind the load balancer.

Since most services are available as gwt-rpc, xml-webservice and json-rest service. One can also easily develop external clients which communicate with our system.


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