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Why Gloryosa

Gloryosa, the software solution is ready for use. Do you want to communicate while your records are in order? Then this system is probably what you need. For example, it also allows flexible planning and invoice? No problem, with Gloryosa everything is possible!!

Gloryosa makes planning easy and quick. See the child and group ratios. Acquisitions and absence function, time tracking; Press one button and have an overview. Efficient and flexible software solution. Strong in Communication, flexible / efficient Planning and Billing Solutions. Ideal for your childcare organization(s).


Complete Communication, Planning, Billing and BSO modules

  • Flexible working
  • Accordance with the requirements of society and government
  • Flexible and efficient
  • Cost savings
  • Suitable for all levels of the organization
  • Friendly
  1. Communication / Apps

  2. Flexible planning

  3. Innovation technology

  4. Flexible invoicing


Pay proportionally

Our prices are based on the number of places for children.
Because we use this calculation method it's always an interesting offer.
This way you will always pay for ratio only.



Our customers say

  1. Parbedie KinderoPvang

    Wishes for our organization are seriously considered and implemented.

    Small changes/wishes are immediately updated in the new version. Gloryosa has no restrictions on the number of users. Also important: in practice, the use of Gloryosa leads to huge cost savings, such as handling costs, stamps and writing paper!

  2. Kids Talent Kinderopvang

    Kidstalent is a young company that provides various forms of childcare in the Brabant Kempen region.

    Since a few years, the company makes use of the software of Gloryosa. Stefan Beekveld from Kidstalent has been involved when it comes to the use of the software system since the very beginning and he is very pleased about the developed software, ready to use! Ideal for childcare organizations.


Cooperate strengthens

  1. Virtual Private Office

    If you want a server for yourself but still want to let us take care of it, we work together with VPO.

    VPO: Professional automation without large investments. A workplace for a fixed monthly fee. Call it ICT outsourcing or unburdening. Automation should be just a tool for you. Just work anywhere without being concerned with the underlying technology. VPO ensures your complete automation.


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